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"If you never get control of your taxes you will never be wealthy" Unknown Author

The more money you make the more money they take.

The #1 Tax strategy to reduce your tax liability is to own and operate a "Home Based Business"

Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money or have to have a lot of income to have tax deductions. This is incorrect.

The IRS tax code is there for people to use and reduce their tax liability as long as they fallow the rules.

Even some home business owners don't take advantage of the deductions because they think it is too hard to document their deductions.

Well not anymore, below is an amazing APP that downloads on your phone. It automatically tracks every trip you make, you can either store it as a Personal trip or Business. I am going to teach and train how to legally write off a large portion of miles you and your spouse drive ever year.

This APP even stores your receipts and logs them in your deductions. It is fun to see a running total of how much you save every day as you convert normal expenses into deductions by following some basic rules. 54 cents per mile is a lot of money.

We will have training calls weekly educating people on How the app works and how to get maximum benefits.

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Average people with Lifewave are saving $2000-$3000 cash every year.



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