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Enhance your Health


Lifewave award winning Health Enhancement products make it not only easy to keep your body in good health but it is simple as well.
Complicated products and nutrition schedules make it almost impossible for someone to stay on top of their health these days.
Lifewave simple patch technology takes less than 3 minutes to apply and last for up to 12 hrs per day.
Review the lifewave products for you and your clients.
Lifewave products do not Cure any diseases, however all our products enhance health for whatever is reducing the quality of life. There are Enhancement protocols for Fibromyalgia, CF Chronic Fatigue,Lymes,RA Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more. Please ask your Lifewave Manager for protocols.



 Enhance Energy
With the billions spent on Coffee and Energy Drinks every morning it is uncontested that low energy has become one of the world most sought after enhancements.
Lifewave Energy enhancer patch not only was the first technology produced but it is the cornerstone of the Lifewave products. It has the ability to not only boost energy in the body 2 1/2 times within only a few seconds. It has become the go to patch for Athletes and sporting enthusiast around the country. It was reviewed and passed by the anti-doping agency as being fit for competition.

 Enhance Sleep (Quantity and Quality)

Loss of sleep (insomnia) and sleep deprivation is probably the biggest risk factor to your health.  Silent night patch technology is helping millions of people gain back that deep restful night sleep both in quality and quantity of hrs being slept. Studies show that it improves sleep 66% and takes 14 days or less. Most people are finding it works within 5 days.

Anti-Aging (AntiOxidant patches)

Glutathione and Carnosine

glutathione.jpg carnosine.jpg

Anti-Aging has been a focus of health enthusiast for decades. This has increased the Nutritional companies dramatically. The truth is most Nutritional companies produce products that have a anti-Oxidant ingredients in them. Anti-Oxidants are necessary because as an adult Glutathione and Carnosine levels Drop in the body. These are body master Anti-Oxidants. Lifewave Glutathione and Carnosine patches when worn at least 5 days per week will increase Glutathione levels 400% and Carnosine more than 100%. 


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Reduce Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
Inflammation is not only cause by direct injury but also caused by Oxidative stress. Environmental issues cause a lot of inflammation as well. Food and Water most people drink cause Inflammation. Inflammation is a major contributor to illness and Aging prematurely.
Lifewave Aeon patch reduces Inflammation dramatically per thermal imaging. Aeon is used 5 days per week to reduce body inflammation and used along with Icewave for help relieving pain issues from injury.

 Pain Reduction


Icewave has been called the miracle product by most users. It has the ability to reduce pain 80-100% in a matter of a few seconds. When used properly by the instruction pamphlet Icewave will reduce not only chronic pain but acute pain that are effecting your health. 


Appetite Suppressant 
One of the biggest challenges  in controlling weight and staying fit is controlling appetite. The SP6 patch is helpful when worn 5 days per week curbing your appetite. There is a direct relationship from your spleen and appetite. The placement to wear SP6 stimulates the spleen to balance nutrients therefore reducing appetite. You will also feel tightening around the mid section.

Health Enhancement